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Solveig McIntosh, PhD, is a musician research scholar in the ancient musical traditions of Northern India. This includes the study and recitation of Vedic invocations and mantras as well as North India’s most ancient form of classical vocal music known as dhrupad.

Publications: She has published a variety of articles on Indian music and Sanskrit language. Her book, 'Hidden Faces of Ancient Indian Song’, published in February 2005, is available from Ashgate Publishers Limited, www.ashgate.com. ISBN 0-7546-5104-5. This book traces a progression from basic principals of sound and the role of hearing to different kinds of musical composition. The ancient music of northern India is inseparable from underlying philosophical, scientific and esoteric concepts. The book highlights aspects of sound production in Sanskrit language and Vedic recitation which have influenced the way in which Indian music has evolved. A special feature of the book is the use of mudras (hand gestures) in the White Yajur Veda tradition.

A DVD entitled, ‘Ancient Indian Song. An Introduction to the Hymns of the Vedas’ is available from August 2006. This DVD, filmed in India, is arranged in seven Scenes of varying length with an overall duration of approximately 85 minutes.

  1. What are the Vedas?
  2. Vedic Ritual
  3. Listening to Vedic Recitation
  4. The Language of Vedic Recitation
  5. Learning Vedic Recitation
  6. Purusha Suktam - Hymn of Man
  7. Dhrupad - North India’s oldest style of classical vocal music

The DVD ‘Ancient Indian Song. An Introduction to the Hymns of the Vedas’

Price £15 (+ 10% package & postage UK & Europe)
(+ 20% package and postage outside Europe)
Solveig @ RiversOfSound.co.uk (remove the spaces in the address)


If you would like to become acquainted with the fundamentals of a unique vocal art, chant and recite mantras in traditional style please contact the above email address for
teaching possibilities.

See the definitions page for more information about the terms used to describe the music and chant and various techniques.

"The mantras of the Vedas are remarkable in that they bring blessings to the world in the form of sound - even if the meaning is not understood."

(Hindu Dharma, The Universal Way of Life)


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